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Week 01

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### Seed Bomb


These days, many people make a special bomb.

But don't worry, it doesn't explode.

It is called a seed bomb.

It is a ball made with dirt and clay.

Inside, a seed bomb has many different kinds of seeds.

For example, some seed bombs have pepper seeds and wildflower seeds.

People throw the bomb outside.

They throw it in a field or a forest.

The dirt in the ball gives the seeds food.

Soon, sprouts grow from the bomb.

This way, many different flowers and plants find new homes.


@ dirt dɜːrt  1.먼지, 때 His clothes were covered in dirt   2.흙   He picked up a handful of dirt and threw it at them.

@ clay kleɪ  점토, 찰흙 

@ sprout spraʊt  1.싹이 나다, 발아하다; 자라기 시작하다 new leaves sprouting from the trees  Trees sprout buds in spring.   2. 새싹, 새순, 움


soil / mud / clay / land / earth / dirt / ground


이 단어들은 모두 땅 위의 표면을 형성하는 흙을 가리킨다.

soil 토양, 흙:  Plant the seedlings in damp soil.  그 묘목들을 습기가 있는 흙에 심어라.


mud 진흙, 진창: The car wheels got stuck in the mud. 차바퀴가 진창에 빠져 버렸다.


clay 점토, 찰흙: The tiles are made of clay. 그 타일들은 점토로 만든 것이다.


land (특정 유형ㆍ용도의) 땅[지역 / 지대]: an area of rich, fertile land  땅이 비옥하고 기름진 지역


earth 흙.  <br>She put some earth into the pot. 그녀는 화분 속에 흙을 좀 넣었다.<br><br>

∴ earth는 흔히 정원에 있거나 정원 가꾸기에 이용되는 흙을 가리킬 때 쓰인다:


dirt (특히 美) (특히 다져지지 않은) 흙:  Pack the dirt firmly around the plants.  화초들 주위로 흙을 단단히 다져 주어라.


ground 땅, 토양: The car got stuck in the muddy ground. 그 자동차는 진흙땅에 빠져 버렸다. They drove across miles of rough, stony ground. 그들은 돌멩이가 많은 울퉁불퉁한 땅을 수 마일을 (차를 타고) 달렸다.



∴ ground는 푸슬거리는 흙에는 쓰지 않는다:



### New UNESCO World Heritage Site


Korea has a new UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Seowon received this honor in July.

Let's learn more about Seowon and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

UNESCO is an agency of the United Nations.

It keeps a list of World Heritage Sites.

These sites are very important to world history and culture.

So, countries should protect these sites.

In Korea, there are now 14 World Heritage Sites.

They include Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine, and Bulguksa Temple.

Seowon is Korea's 14th World Heritage Site.

It is the name of Confucian schools during the Joseon Kingdom.

At Seowon, scholars discussed Confucian ideas.

They also taught many students.

These students prepared for the civil service exam.

Seowon played an important role in Korean history.

Now, the Korean government and UNESCO will preserve thses ancient schools.


@ heritage ˈherɪtɪdʒ 유산 Spain’s rich cultural heritage   The building is part of our national heritage.

@ honor ɑ́nər  명예 , 영예 The dictionary authorizes the two spellings “honor” and “honour”.

@ authorize ˈɔːθəraɪz  재가[인가]하다, 권한을 부여하다  I can authorize payments up to £5,000.

@ fortress 


fɔːrtrəs  요새 fortress town enclosed by four miles of ramparts   Fear of terrorist attack has turned the conference center into a fortress.

@ shrine ʃraɪn  성지(聖地) to visit the shrine of Mecca   Wimbledon is a shrine for all lovers of tennis.  Jongmyo Shrine is in Seoul.

@ Confucian kənˈfjuːʃən  유교의   This is a Confucian society.  Sons are very important in a Confucian society. 

@ scholar  


skɑːlə(r) 1.학자 a classical scholar    He was the most distinguished scholar in his field.  2.장학생   3.모범생

@ civil ˈsɪvl  1.시민(들)의   2.민간의(종교나 군대와 상대되는 의미)   3.민사상의  civil service exam  공무원 시험



### High School Heroines


In Busan, some Korean high school students did a brave thing.

They saved a man under a car.

His car was parked on a hill.

Suddenly, the car rolled down.

He was trapped under the car.

Then, five high school girls saw him.

They pushed the car.

It slowed down.

Other people helped the students.

Together, they saved the driver.

"We thank these brave high school students," the Busan Police said.


@ heroine heroʊɪn  영웅적인 여자, 여걸 the heroines of the revolution 여자 주인공 The heroine is played by Demi Moore. 영웅 Madonna was her teenage heroine.

@ be trapped 함정에 빠지다 Raccoons used to be trapped for their fur.  갇히다 Don't you want to be trapped in that envelope?



### Giant Choir Festival


Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe.

Its people especially love to sing.

Every five years, the country has a giant choir festival.

Thousands of people sing together.

This year was the festival's 150th birthday.

So, the July event was especially big.

This year's choir had 35,000 singers.

Also, there were 11.500 dancers and musicians.

They performed the traditional songs of Estonia.

"What an incredible feeling," said on singer.


@ choir  ˈkwaɪə(r)  합창단, She sings in the school choir. 성가대   The choir is railed in.

@ What an incredible feeling   정말 믿을 수 없는 느낌이다.  What an incredible lineup. What an incredible smell!



### New Crosswalks


In July, Seoul made new crosswalks.

They look like runways for airplanes.

There are lines of lights along the crosswalk.

Then, drivers can see the crosswalk at night.

Too many car accidents take place at night.

Now, both pedestrians and drivers can be safe.

"We will make more crosswalks with lights," a Seoul official said.


@ runway  활주로  overshoot a runway  활주로를 지나쳐 착륙하다. The aircraft overshot the runway.  The plane coasted down the runway.

@ coast koʊst   1.해안 (지방)   2.(동력을 쓰지 않고) 관성으로 움직이다   3.(동력을 많이 쓰지 않고) 부드럽게 움직이다

@ take place  개최되다[일어나다] The film festival takes place in October. Meetings take place at fortnightly intervals.

@ fortnightly  2주에 한 번의, 격주로 하는 The magazine will appear fortnightly. 

@ pedestrians pəˈdestriən 보행자  pedestrian areas , Pedestrian accidents are down by 5%


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